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Live to Zen

I started Live to Zen a few years ago when I wanted to be a blogger like Leo Babatua of Zen Habits. His work is inspiring, and there are a lot of take-aways… yet, his work wasn’t my work, nor was it the mindset I was in at the time.

And, building something based on someone else’s brand of thinking isn’t necessarily the best way to go about creating one’s own body of work or the best way to share one’s perspective.

Since my first blog attempt, I’ve gone on to create find my own perspective and share it in a lot of different formats, whether it’s t-shirt design, alpaca blanket sales, creative photography, photography blogging, writing for clients or designing websites, finding my own way in the world wide web over the past 3 years has been an adventure.

There’s a never ending supply of work to be done, lessons to learn, tools to use, and creativity to explore. Reviving my old blog, Live to Zen, is another step in the journey.