Getting the right camera equipment

dslr photography

I have a lot of photography experience. I’ve written a book on macro photography, published magazines on blurb, spent time photographing in the wild, and have taken a shot at wedding photography.

What I haven’t gotten good at yet is my mirrorless camera. I have a SonyA6000 and have yet to perfect the art of taking photos with it. I got it around this time last year and did take it for a run in Vermont, but I didn’t have a mirrorless camera bag or the right mirrorless camera lenses for my SonyA6000 to make me happy.

And, I honestly doubt that I will ever feel comfortable with my mirrorless camera. I really love my DSLR and its heft. The mirrorless variety is pretty light weight. And, the A6000 is too generic looking.

Finding the best bag for a mirrorless system is easy now that mirrorless cameras have gone mainstream. Most non-photographers don’t know much about the concept and practice behind mirrorless cameras. I always get the “what’s that?” question, and then give the run-down on the mirrorless concept. The beauty of the mirrorless camera, as you know, is its small size and big capabilities.

For now, I’ll stick to my Canon 7D Dslr and shoot the shit out of it!

Buying a Standing Desk

diy standing desk

diy standing deskShould I buy a standing desk?

I’ve been reading & writing about standing desks a lot lately, but I have yet to pull the trigger.

My reasons are pretty simple, I’m splitting time between my lake house in Pennsylvania and my apartment in New Jersey.

And, sometimes I’m up in Rhode Island working with the luggage company I freelance for.

So, why buy a standing desk when I’m all over the place?

I’m not sure I can justify it… but…

If I were going to buy a standing desk top at this point, I’d probably buy an alternative to an expensive riser – a cardboard standing desk top contraption.

I’d likely get either the Oristand or the Spark by Ergodriven.

Aesthetically, I prefer the Oristand’s one piece and flip out construction – because it’s a simpler design & it’s black. Now, the Spark is a great little stand, too, but I’m not a fan of all the angles & the light gray color.

Anything is better than my hokie, DIY standing desk. I’ve been checking out Varidesks, Varidesk Pro Plus Reviews & the FluidStance standing board… all very cool ideas to make my work life more balanced.


What’s important to me.


I really like nice websites that feature products well… like

But, that’s not important.

I really like nights, like right now, when it’s raining outside on the tin roof over the screened in patio at 4 am when I’m up writing some *bullshit* on a website I brought back to life from the land of expired urls..

The things that are truly important to me, other than the temporary rain storm, are my family, my wife, my son, my photography, my cat, my parents, my sense of self worth, my expression of creativity, my health and all those “basics” that make life worth living… yes, my cat contributes to that. And, my best friend…

This year marks our 25th year of being friends since college. And, we are both 50 this year.

My amazing wife has planned a vacation through the Hudson River Valley up to Vermont & Canada. It will be a wandering adventure through the rolling hills and mini-mountains of the north east to mark the mid-century of our lives.

whats important to me

My son, our friend Terri, Janelle & myself

Life experiences are important to me. Trips with my wife, living life and enjoying every minute of it are important.


Lessons Learned

self portrait carlin felder

How does one learn lessons in life?

Googling the question, “how does one learn a lesson” brought up an excellent article and quote by a Buddhist monk lady.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~Pema Chodron

The author then goes on to basically mirror some of my life experiences… difficulties with supervisors who are idiots (or not on the same page as I am), nit-picking everyone else’s work performance, relationships, and ability to get along.

These are all components of my work style.

how to learn a lesson

That’s me in a Nanjing China train station in 2012 by George Estreich

As a self-employed person, like the author of the “excellent article” shares, we think that our frustration will go away if we work for ourselves.

Yet, when working for ones self, one cannot escape clients, freelance obligations, the absolute need for people to be in my life to work with to make an income from helping achieve their personal goals.

Rumi says, “Until you’ve found pain, you won’t reach the cure.” When I look back over my life, I realize the most important lessons I’ve learned have often been a result of some kind of pain—whether the pain manifested as disappointment, or anger, or fear. I would never think so at the time, but I can feel grateful for that pain now. – Tiny Buddha

A lesson learned is worth a thousand argumentative and judgmental words.